Monday, May 09, 2005


New Blog

I will be blogging at Live Journal now. Check out the link above.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005


Sleep! Woohoo!

I actually slept last night! For 8 whole hours! It was lovely. I better be careful - I could get used to this. =)

Thursday, February 17, 2005


Computer Stuff

I've done a bunch of new stuff on my computer lately. I just joined and I'm addicted to iTunes - which allows me to listen to the music collections of residents of my hall and the few nearby. I also discovered (through a guy in North), Mozilla Firefox. I'm using it now instead of Explorer and I LOVE it.

Still Here!

I know. It's been forever since many of you have heard from me. The semester is screaming by and I'm taking a whopping 22 credits in order to graduate in May. Yes, you read that correctly - twenty-two credits. Mom mentioned the other day on the phone that it was nice to hear my cheery voice. I told her that I was cheery because I've slipped over the edge into clinically insane.

The good news is that if I survive the next few months, I will be a proud (and exhausted) graduate of Washington State University. Go Cougs!

Most of my classes are writing and reading intensive. I average about 200 pages of reading and about 30 pages of writing per week. I work 12 hours every week and while it's a fairly easy job, it's not very conducive to getting any studying done. But it is a nice break from all that reading and writing and tends to be pretty social, so that's good. I'm making an effort to get out of my room and see people this year.

I'm still not sure what I'll be doing after graduation. Prayer for direction would be most welcome. I should find out on March 1st if I'm getting called for an interview with Teach for America. I'm setting aside the Peace Corps application for now and am still considering Library School, but TFA is my first choice.

I love hearing from y'all. E-mail is the best way to reach me. And I'll apologize in advance for not replying right away. I'm trying to get better at that, I swear. I'll also try and update this blog more often, too.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005



My Christmas break was wonderful. I spent the first couple of days in Wenatchee, where Mom, Dad, & I celebrated Christmas a week early with Michele, Wes, David, & Matthew. Then I went home to Sequim with Mom and Dad. We had a nice quiet Christmas day - just the three of us - with presents and a big dinner.

One of my surprises was a gift card for Build-a-Bear. Mom and I went to Alderwood Mall after Christmas and I got to pick out, stuff, and dress my new bear. His name is Oswald Q Brehan. He is wearing jeans, boots, a red hooded sweatshirt, and a Cougar t-shirt. He also has boxer-briefs that he wears pulled up so the waistband shows above his jeans. He is in college, after all.

Overall, vacation was relaxing and uneventful - which was fabulous. I'm feeling rejuvinated and ready to tackle the semester.


Back to School

Here I am, back at WSU in my little room in McEachern! I'm working the next few days and classes start on Monday. This semester will be busy and crazy, but a lot of fun! I'm taking 19 credits - mostly writing courses. But, my reward will be a diploma! Graduation is only four months away and I can't wait!

Wednesday, December 15, 2004



Hurray! I am completely done with Fall semester! I just finished my final paper for my lit class. It is pure-unadultarated-feminist crap and she will love it! All I have to do now is drop it off at the English department tomorrow morning.

I work all day on Friday and I'm going to spend the evening with friends. Then I'm headed to Wenatchee early Saturday morning. Yippee!

Monday, December 13, 2004


Finals Week Update

I turned in my Portfolio today for my Prose class. I have been worried that I wouldn't have 35 pages, but I ended up giving him about 40, so I'm a happy girl!!

Tomorrow is the Geology Final Exam. A classmate who lives in McEachern is going to help me study tonight, so I'm going to be as ready as I can. After the test on Tuesday, I just have one short paper due on Thursday, then I'm finished!

Wednesday, December 08, 2004


Short Story Contest just announced thier new Short Story contest. There is no entry fee for members of the website (registration is free). Click the title above for a link to all the information you need. Submission Deadline is January 30, 2005.

Good Luck

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